news | Slovenia (and back)

Duet with Paul Abbott and meetings of May :  Ljubljana,  Maribor & Novo Mesto …

see here , here and also here


Uncharted Soundscapes 

The second event of this series  is happening this Sunday @ 8.00 pm


with a  trio of Noel Taylor (clarinet), Benedict Taylor (viola), Guillaume Viltard (double bass)

a duo of  Jennifer Allum & Elo Masing (violins)

plus a quintet of all the players.


news | ‘Intercessions’

May 13th  2011 ,  8.00 pm 

Shoreditch (St Leonard’s) Church, Shoreditch High St, London /E1 6JN

 We speak not of the archaic theological doctrine, whereby prayers are offered to dead saints who may then intercede directly to God on our behalf. We do, however, seek to steal a little of that image. Our Intercessions are of a far more earthly nature, and occur not in heaven, but in the austerely beautiful surroundings of St Leonard’s Church, Shoreditch.

 Neither do we come to pray, but to make sound. Sound surrounded by little pools of silence. Sound from many ages, transplanted into strange and unfamiliar contexts. The ghostly beauty of Johann Sebastian Bach interceded by Free Improvisation: how strange…  and short Bartok duets for violin and viola, each interceded by new music that is freshly created in the moment; music from Eugène Ysaÿe and contemporary work by Christian Wolff, all  spliced up with the silence , noise and unpredictable flutter of free improvisation. The result : a complex fabric of musical interactions, stitched loosely together and fused into two movements of experimental juxtaposition.

 Intercessions – those who play on the side of the angels:

 Classical & contemporary works performed by: Noura Sanatian, violin /Benedict Taylor, viola

‘3 pieces for Violin and Viola’ – Christian Wolff
plus short pieces by J S Bach and Bella Bartok

 Satoko Fukuda, violin

Obsession’  for solo violin,  Eugène Ysaÿe

Intercessions- the petitioners  Free Improvisations & extemporised responses performed by:

 Niko Meinhold, grand piano / Noel Taylor, clarinet / Guillaume Viltard, contrabass /Mark Sanders, percussion

 Plus additional intercessions from: Satoko Fukuda, violin / Noura Sanatian, violin /Benedict Taylor, viola


news | April & Freedom of the city

 Sunday 3rd of April

LIO @ Café Oto

Monday 4th of April

Kay Grant - Voice / Armorel Weston - Voice / Jim Dvorak - Trumpet /Guillaume Viltard - Double Bass

Boat-ting - @ Bar & Co, Temple Pier, Emabankment (opposite Temple tube, between Blackfriars and Waterloo Bridges) £6 / £4 concs | DOORS 8:00pm - START 8:30pm


Sunday 17th of April

John Butcher – saxophones /Tony Marsh - percussion / Guillaume Viltard - double-bass

 Cafe OTO 18 - 22 Ashwin street, Dalston, London E8 3DL / 8PM


Tuesday 26th of April

Matthias Muller, trombone & Christian Marien, drums

Grundik  Kazyansky, electronics, Seymour Wright, sax & Guillaume Viltard, double-bass

 Ilan Volkov, violin & Ram Gabay, drums

DOORS OPEN AT 8.00 PM              PERFORMANCES START AT 8.30 PM        TICKETS: £6.00

Arch1, Cranberry Lane, West Ham, London E16 4PD

Wednesday 27th of April

Tony Marsh/ Shabaka Hutchings / Guillaume Viltard

 flimflam @ Ryan’s. 181 Stoke Newington Church St, N16. Entrance £6/4.00. Doors 8.30.


Saturday 30th of April

 Freedom of the City Festival

 Lionel Garcin saxophones
Tony Marsh percussion
Guillaume Viltard double bass
Christine Wodrascka piano


Tuesday 3 May 2011

Lionel Garcin - saxophones / Christine Wodrascka – piano

John Butcher – saxophones /Eddie Prevost - drums / Guillaume Viltard - double-bass

 Cafe OTO 18 - 22 Ashwin street, Dalston, London E8 3DL / 8PM • £7


news | an international three set evening of improvised music on Tuesday 26th of April

 Matthias Müller on trombone and Christian Marien on drums sound like what they are: a working band. They met in 2003 in Berlin, Germany’s capital of improvised music, and their collaboration resulted in the foundation of the duo „Superimpose“ in 2006. Since then they very consciously developing their music, using and at the same time questioning the full range of musical parameters such as dynamics, density, rhythm, sound, form and tonality. They take paths you can only discover after playing together for a long time with high intensity. The outcome is a raw music, at the same time brutal and peaceful, ugly and nice.

One major goal of their work as a duo is meeting and exchanging with other artists. Among others they collaborated with drummer Michael Zerang, trombonist Johannes Bauer, saxophonists Tobias Delius, Matthias Schubert, Frank Gratkowski and Jack Wright, guitarist Olaf Rupp, bassists Wilbert de Joode, Christian Weber and Clayton Thomas (with whom they have the trio “The Astronomical Unit”).

In 2007 they released their debut-CD “Superimpose” on the Portuguese label “Creative Sources”. In 2009 they released their second CD “Talk Talk” on the English label “Leo Records”.

The second set of the evening will be the 1st appearance as a trio of London-based improvisers Grundik  Kazyansky, Seymour Wright & Guillaume Viltard (electronics,  sax & double-bass).

The last and quite unusal duet  - violin & drums – is coming from Israel and feature Ilan Volkov & Ram Gabay.


Arch1, Cranberry Lane, West Ham, London E16 4PD / 8.30 pm / £ 6

By tube: District, Hammersmith and City, Jubilee Line to West Ham.

              Jubilee Line, DLR to Canning Town.
By bus: 2mins from Arch1 there is the 276 from/to Hackney Central, Stratford, Stoke Newington. Last bus 1.12 am.
69, N69, 15, N15, 115, N115 from/to Canning Town.
By train: C2C to West Ham (trains to/from Fenchurch Street).
By car: A13 exit Canning Town. Free parking outside the venue.


Arch1 is located 5 min walk from West Ham station and 12 min walk from Canning Town station.


news | Dance & Music things

 Ute Kanngiesser (cello)
Guillaume Viltard (double bass)
Lilly Picts
Alenka Herman
Mariana Marquez
Katsura Isobe


news | february was grey & quiet but…

Saturday 5th of March

 Marjolaine Charbin – piano / Grundik Kasyansky – electronics / Guillaume Viltard – double-bass

Afternoon 2pm / all details about the festival here


Hume Studio / The Rag Factory
16 Heneage St
London E1 5LJ


Sunday 6th of March – London Improvisers Orchestra

 Cafe OTO 18 - 22 Ashwin street, Dalston, London E8 3DL / 8PM


Monday 7th of March

Soizic Lebrat- cello / Paul Abbott – electronics / Guillaume Viltard – double-bass

 Boat-ting - @ Bar & Co, Temple Pier, Emabankment (opposite Temple tube, between Blackfriars and Waterloo Bridges) £6 / £4 concs | DOORS 8:00pm - START 8:30pm / see here for details


Wednesday 9th of March


A B A  – Concert/Forum/Concert / Improvisation / live electronics

Doors 6pm Performances 6:30-8pm
Goldsmiths College (Room 167, Richard Hoggart Building), Lewisham Way, New Cross, London SE14 6NW

 Sebastian Lexer: piano+


Chien-Chun Lin: soprano/I-Chin Li: piano, percussion/Guillaume Viltard: double bass /Tom Jackson: reeds/Ryo Ikeshiro: guitar, laptop

 In between the two sets by the featured artists, there will be a discussion with Sebastian Lexer on his recent paper, “Piano+: An Approach towards a Performance System Used within Free Improvisation,” in Leonardo Music Journal 20

Saturday 12th of March  : SMABPF

 Soizic Lebrat & Ute Kanngiesser – cellos

 John Russell – guitar / Phil Minton - voice /Guillaume Viltard – double-bass

 Jean-Luc Guionnet - sax or church organ / Ross Lambert - guitar

SAINT MARK’S CHURCH  Myddelton Square, Clerkenwell, EC1R 1XX
Tube: Angel / Bus: 30, 73, 205, 214, 394, 476 / 7pm £6/£5 conc


Thursday 17th of March

Lou Gare / Eddie Prevost / Jamie Coleman / Philip Somervell / Guillaume Viltard

 Cafe OTO 18 - 22 Ashwin street, Dalston, London E8 3DL / 8PM • £8 / £10 on the door /details here


Sunday 20th of March – MOPOPOSO

Roberto Sassi / Ricardo Tejero

 Steve Beresford / Satoko Fukuda / Guillaume Viltard

 Guylaine Cosseron / Phil Minton / John Russell

 The Vortex Jazz Club, 11 Gillett Square, London N16 8AZ |  8.30pm  £8/6 

Sunday 20th of March

 Cafe OTO 18 - 22 Ashwin street, Dalston, London E8 3DL / 8PM •

Steve Noble – drums /Alex Ward – clarinet /Guillaume Viltard – double-bass



Wednesday 30th of March

 Tony Marsh/ Shabaka Hutchings / Guillaume Viltard @ the Safe house Brighton

£6.00/£5.00 / 8.30 pm / upstairs at the OPEN HOUSE pub, Springfield Road, Brighton, BN1 6BZ (next to London Road Train Station) 01273 880102

 + Annie Kerr – violin / Dave Allen – electric guitar

+ a random quartet drawn from Safehouse collective members : The Wildcard Quartet



news | cafe OTO january 24th


18 - 22 Ashwin street, Dalston, London, E8 3DL |


news | happy new gigs


news | how to out run a river & Mopomoso’s annual end of year extravaganza

i’ll play a trio with cellist Ute Kanngiesser & Paul Abbott on friday the 10th… and a solo set on thursday the 9th

5 cecilia road London E7 (Dalston)  from 6pm on december 9th, 10th & 11th


Sunday 19th December. 7.00pm  MOPOMOSO‘S at The Vortex, 11 Gillett Square, London N16 8JH £10/£6

“The Best of free improvised music” : the annual “Cast of Thousands” Christmas event.  Pretty much everyone is playing including a few surprise guests and novelty acts. I’ll play a trio with Alex Hawkins on piano & Terry Day back to the drums… and perhaps a few other acts.


news | autumn

The London Improvisors Orchestra will play at Cafe Oto on october the 3rd and november the 7th and also on december the 5th on HMS President, Victoria Embankment, London EC4Y 0HJ


October the 20th  quartet with Sharon Gall - vocals/electronix, Moshi Honen - guitar/electronix, Gail Brand Trombone, as part of the Galvanised Festival on TUESDAY 19 October & Wednesday 20 October 2010 at Café Oto


November the 1st

Trio with Sharon Gal and Noel Taylor

Details here


November the 13th

Bass duet with Mike Bullock at St Marks Church, Angel, Myddelton Square, London EC1R - 8pm

see Mike’s website


November the 18th

Trio with Eddie Prevost and John Butcher at the ICA

Piano + Solo by Sebastian Lexer


The Mall
020 7930 3647

London Jazz Festival